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Investigative Needs in Maryland

Kelley Investigative Security Services in Chestertown, Maryland, proudly serves the eastern shore of Maryland and its protective and investigative needs. We offer a wide range of investigative services to help prove your case. Contact our offices to learn how we can help your business.

Criminal and Civil Investigations—Case Litigation

This involves investigating and photographing crime scenes. We also interview witnesses, subpoena records, and gather detailed statements.

Polygraph Examinations

Such examinations are necessary to verify a person's truth and integrity. We provide such examinations on defendants and witnesses for criminal and civil investigations. Our company further specializes in Pre-employment polygraph examinations. Our company further provides polygraph examinations game or gaming violations (such as tournaments).

Civil Processing

Generally, for criminal or civil proceedings, our process serving procedures are completed within 48 hours of receipt of the documents to be served. Sometimes, certain exceptions may delay this process (such as weather conditions, or not being able to verify the known location of the subject).


Working with lending institutions and law firms, we notify a foreclosed home's current occupant, and in removing occupants or abandoned contents from a foreclosed property.

Motor Vehicle Collisions 

Our staff investigates, photographs, and reconstructs collision scenes. Audio and video interviews may also be conducted with the witnesses, and we subpoena records as needed.

Contact our office for more on investigative needs throughout Maryland.