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"On May 20, 2009, I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. The police failed to do a thorough investigation and charged me with a motor vehicle citation. Knowing that I was not at fault, I contacted Mr. Paul Kelley of Kelley Investigative Services for assistance. I consider Mr. Kelley to be one of the best investigators that I know.

Within a couple of days after beginning his investigation, Mr. Kelley was able to locate key witnesses that verified that I was not at fault. Through his efforts, Mr. Kelley was able to provide my defense attorney with more than sufficient evidence to obtain a Not Guilty verdict in court.

During his investigation, Mr. Kelley kept me updated and always provided me with encouragement. I would recommend Kelley Investigative Services to anyone needing this type of assistance."—Curtis Benton, Centreville, Maryland

"Kelley Investigative Security Services has provided first-class services any time they are called for assistance with a situation. Without hesitation, Kelley Investigative Services has provided in-depth investigations maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity throughout the entire investigation or security assignment.

With the highest levels of experience, knowledge, professionalism, creditability, and work ethics, I would highly recommend Kelley Investigative Security Services for all your investigative and security needs."—A. Lenzi, Chestertown, Maryland

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